Your Bridal Preparations: Don’t Forget the Video


It’s your wedding day. The most important day of your life. And you’ve probably planned the whole agenda for the day down to the songs that will be played during the ceremony to the exact moment your husband dips you during your first dance. And your wedding videographer will capture every special moment as it happens.

But what about the moments before you descend down the aisle?

My wedding day was a blur. It went by so fast that I barely remember saying “I Do”. But I can remember everything that happened leading up to that moment. Some of the most emotional, intimate and even funny moments of my wedding day occurred in the few hours before the ceremony.

The overwhelming emotion from reading the card and opening a gift from my groom. Getting my hair and nails done. Laughing and joking with best girlfriends to help ease wedding day jitters. Adjusting my makeup and getting into my wedding dress. Receiving a special wedding gift from my father. Seeing the flowers delivered by the florist. Smoothing my dress into place. Leaving for the ceremony.

All those moments I can remember vividly, despite the heightened anxiety and nervousness for the rest of the day.

These are also moments that would be lost forever had my wedding videographer not been there to capture them. Looking back at that video footage, I not only remember everything, but I can see how beautiful and surreal of a morning it was. And my husband can get a glimpse into the morning’s bridal preparations, something he would have never seen if not for our videographer.


Trust me, once you head out for the ceremony and work your way through your wedding day agenda, the day will become a whirlwind. Don’t let those precious memories of your day slip away by not having your videographer there.

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