5 Tips for Including Your Pet in Your Wedding

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You know what they say; a dog is a man’s best friend. And typically a best friend is always included in a wedding.

So it’s no surprise to me that many couples are including their pets on the big day. And really, could there be anything cuter than a dog dressed in a tux?

Some couples have their pets walk down the aisle. Giving them more responsibility, some couples choose to have their pets carry their wedding bands on a collar or something similar. Others use pictures of pets on table number cards.

Me? I’m a cat lover. I have had cats my whole life growing up. They have always been an extension of my family. My wedding would not have been complete without having my cat involved somehow. And while my faithful feline didn’t walk me down the aisle, she was there to pose for a shot in my wedding video.

But before you include Fido in your big affair, here are a few things to consider:

1. First and foremost, be sure to confirm that your pet will be allowed at your ceremony facility – be it the church, reception hall, etc. (Pets not allowed? Consider taking your wedding pictures at a pet-friendly location so you can include them in your wedding pictures.)

2. Will you give your pet a specific responsibility (i.e. carrying the rings) or will they just be present? Before assigning them a job to do, be sure to consider whether your pet can handle being around a crowd. And be prepared for your pet not behaving as planned.

3. Keep your pet safe. Make sure any costumes or accessories they were are loose and don’t impose a choking hazard. Make sure you also consult your florist to avoid any toxic flowers. And finally, consider having a “pet sitter” at the wedding to make sure Fido doesn’t get into the chocolate cake!

4. Keep your guests safe. Be sure to inform all your guests, before they RSVP, that a pet will be in attendance. Some people may have a fear of certain animals (like me for very large dogs) or may be allergic to certain breeds of animals.

5. Be sure to tell the professionals. Always make sure to tell your wedding photographer and wedding videographer of your plans to include a pet. You’ll want to make sure they are ready for any impromptu moments and they may be able to give you great ideas on how to better incorporate them into your special day.

Looking for ideas on how to include your pet in your wedding day? Check out our Wedding Pets Pinterest Board!

Will you be including your pet in your wedding day? Let us know how! (P.S. – we’d love to see pictures!)

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