Wedding Prep – To film or not to film?

Some brides that I talk to tell me that they aren’t interested in video coverage of their Wedding Day Prep. It still blows my mind that something that is such an integral part of the story of a wedding day is so easily dismissed as unimportant. This sample really captures the essence of what wedding prep coverage can be. It’s not just about stepping into a dress, it’s the details, it’s the subtle looks, the soundbites, the outpouring of love from your friends and family. Yes, there is stress and anxiety that is usually attached to this part of the day, and maybe you worry that it reflects negatively on you. But it’s a natural instinct, and capturing video of a bride looking both overjoyed and nervous is unequivocally pure and makes for a video that you can look back on and relive those special once in a lifetime moments.

The wedding ceremony and reception are only a part of the day. The real story of your day begins beforehand. Don’t miss out only your only opportunity to capture these precious moments.

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