Planning Your Valentine’s Day Proposal


Valentine’s Day is known to be the most romantic day of the year. It’s also a day you’re sure to be spending with your sweetie. So it makes sense that many couples get engaged on this heart-filled holiday.

Looking for some ideas on how to make your day (and proposal) special? Try one of these memorable Valentine’s Day Proposal ideas:

  • Restaurants are the second most popular proposal spots (at home being the first), and just so happens to be where I was proposed to. But don’t delay in making your reservations, as restaurants are typically booked early for the holiday. And don’t forget to enlist the staff in your proposal plans to make the night even more special. This probably isn’t the first proposal they’ve assisted in, so be sure to get their feedback on special ways to pop the question.
  • Decide if you (and your significant other) would want a private or a public proposal. Sports fans? Perhaps a message on the jumbo-tron would work for you. Want to involve family? Perhaps renting a facility for a surprise proposal in front of close family and friends would work for you. Looking for something more private? A nice romantic dinner at home could be the perfect date.
  • Keep it simple. Sometimes the grandest of gestures, like a marriage proposal, is best done in the simplest of ways. Buy your sweetie a book of candy and replace one piece with the ring. She might disappointed at the inexpensive gift, so you’ll need to convince her to taste one so she opens the box. Then the surprise is on her!
  • Consider recreating a special moment in your relationship. Either a first date, the first time you met, or the first time you said “I Love You”. Reenact the date as closely as you can and tell her how special it was. Then end the night with your special proposal.
  • Say it with photos. I’m a big scrapbooking person and love having printed pictures for memories. Create a special photo album for your sweetie commemorating your favorite moments together, and leave the last two pages blank. The first can say “Looking forward to many more memories together” and the second could follow with “will you marry me?” (Don’t have copies of any pictures? Check out your sweeties favorite social network, like Facebook, for copies.)
  • Say it with flowers. Roses. Everywhere. You get the picture.
  • Hide the ring somewhere your significant other will “accidentally” find it – in his sock drawer, where she keeps her keys, on your pet’s collar. Be creative!

No matter what you decide, be sure to stay true to who you are as an individual and a couple. Good luck! Let us know how your proposal goes!

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