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I didn’t want to wear a white dress. Ok, let me clarify. I didn’t want to wear an ALL white dress.

As the youngest of five, I had already seen my four older siblings do the whole traditional wedding thing. So when it came my time to walk down the aisle, I wanted to do it differently. (Truth be told, I wanted to elope, but my husband wanted a church wedding….he won).

We had a two-year engagement. And even though we’ve been married a few years now, I still vividly remember the littlest details of planning our wedding. And I remember living in anxiety over it for the entire engagement…

What will people think of my dress with colorful flowers embroidered all over it? Are my sisters mad that I didn’t ask them to be in the wedding party? Is it really a big deal if I don’t wear a veil? Will guests be upset that we chose to nix the receiving line? Is it weird to have my dad drive me to the ceremony?

A two-year engagement is also a very long time to keep Bridezilla at bay. (I think I did a good job, but you may want a second opinion.) But it did give us a lot of time to do our research and figure out exactly what we did and did not want at our wedding. Like the Electric Slide. Or the garter toss. Or a head table. Or cake being smashed in my face….I digress.

By the way, I’m Kait – the new resident wedding blogger here at Nathan Suher, Filmmaker. I’ll be blogging here about all things wedding planning – from how to choose the best wedding dress style, to ways to save on favors to tips for having a stress-free wedding day. Oh, and I’ll throw in a few fun stories from my own planning and wedding day (like how I fell during our professional wedding pictures).

So keep reading! And be sure to weigh in with your thoughts, anecdotes and advice for all the other bridezillas – ahem brides, out there. After all, we’re all in this together!

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