3 Tips for Capturing your Guest’s Wedding Pictures



Do you remember the last wedding you attended?

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There you are, one of hundreds of guests sitting in the church pews waiting for the ceremony to begin. The music starts. Everyone stands – and pulls out there cameras (or smartphones). The bride walks down the aisle amidst a sea of cameras zooming, focusing and flashing.

And now it’s your time for the spotlight.

You’ve hired a wedding photographer to professionally capture the important and special moments on your wedding day. But what about all those pictures your guests took? Those impromptu moments that may have only been seen by one or two people?

I’m sure your wedding guests will have good intentions to send you the pictures they took. But how can you be so sure they’ll follow through? Here are three simple ways to help you capture your wedding guests’ photos.

  1. Disposable cameras: I know – long gone are the days of disposable cameras. Heck, long gone are the days of processing film! But giving guests access to disposable cameras can also give you a behind the scenes glimpse into your special day. And most photo processing centers today will give you the pictures on a CD so you don’t have to print them at all. (Not a fan of disposables? Ask your wedding photographer if they offer a camera service – where they provide digital cameras for each table to use.
  2. Remind guests to send you their pictures: Put a sign on each table or create take-home cards for guests with a website address where guests can upload their pictures. Sites like snapfish.com or photobucket.com are free photo sharing sites, or you can opt for a more customized paid service through theweddinglens.com.
  3. Create a photo drop-off center at your reception: Not sure if guests will follow through with uploading their pictures? Make it easy for them by setting up a photo drop-off center right at your wedding! Come equipped with a laptop, external drive and camera card reader. Man the station with a techy friend and have that person in charge of copying the pictures from your guest’s cameras and phones before they leave! (There are also paid services like guestcameras.com that can help you with this, but there are some drawbacks, so be sure to do all your research before signing up)

There you have it – our 3 tips for capturing your guest’s wedding pictures. What ideas do you have? Please share them by commenting below!

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