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3 Tips for Capturing your Guest’s Wedding Pictures

    Do you remember the last wedding you attended? There you are, one of hundreds of guests sitting in the church pews waiting for the ceremony to begin. The music starts. Everyone stands – and pulls out there cameras (or smartphones). The bride walks down the aisle amidst a sea of cameras zooming, focusing


Meet Our New Wedding Blogger!

  I didn’t want to wear a white dress. Ok, let me clarify. I didn’t want to wear an ALL white dress. As the youngest of five, I had already seen my four older siblings do the whole traditional wedding thing. So when it came my time to walk down the aisle, I wanted to


Priyanka and Jack: “What’s a Mehndi?”

On the weekend of May 26th-27th I received the great opportunity of filming my first traditional Indian wedding. Even though I entered the weekend with my usual confidence, a small part of me felt like it was my first wedding all over again. The evening before the wedding I drove up to the Holiday Inn

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