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Fillmaker Nathan SuherAbout the Filmmaker

Nathan Suher has been involved in filmmaking since his teens, when he produced an award-winning film about a local news story. A graduate of Boston University College of Communications, he began his career by taking on production work in the area, then moved to Los Angeles to gain valuable experience in production on TV shows such as Fear Factor and the Bachelorette. The PSA he produced, “Across the Finish Line” is currently being aired on NBC-10, ABC-6, and CW-28. After marrying his college sweetheart, Nathan moved back to the Northeast, where he became inspired to start a business as a Wedding Videographer when he viewed his own less-than-impressive wedding film!

Nathan is a member of the Rhode Island Film Collaborative and the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA), and winner of 2011 Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award. He sees wedding videography as an opportunity for true originality: “Every wedding is different, and every wedding film poses challenges. You’re dealing with people, and anything can and does happen,” he says, “but at its heart, a wedding video tells a love story. It’s exciting to be part of the most important day in a couple’s life, to help them tell that story.” He prides himself on the ability to create wedding films that allow people to see their story through new eyes—a whole new perspective. View some examples of Nathan’s wedding videos.

About the Technique

Taking on a limited number of weddings allows Nathan to concentrate all his expertise and time on each one. Using the latest in technology and equipment to create films of stunning quality, he prefers Canon 7D DSLR cameras, high frequency wireless microphones for clear, crisp sound, and a Glidecam for smooth floating shots. His wedding videos capture a true cinematic look and feel, with unprecedented depth of field and vibrant color. “It’s not just about fancy equipment, though,” says Nathan, “I film a lot of footage…a lot. This allows for more options, resulting in a better finished product.” Using this footage and the ability to “shoot for the edit”—that is, the ability to visualize how a moment will translate into the film as a whole, rather than passively shooting what’s going on—Nathan provides a wedding video like no other.

Wedding Films and Social Media

Keeping pace with the ever-changing world of communications, Nathan Suher offers many options for brides and grooms to share their wedding film and videos via the web. He can create anything from a 2-3 minute trailer to share on Facebook, to a 15-18 minute featurette that can be shown to friends and family, to the full-length wedding video that will allow you to relive the magic of your wedding day for years to come. Please browse my options, or contact Nathan for a complimentary consultation to determine your needs.


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