Introducing Nathan Suher, Filmmaker

For years, I’ve been filming and producing high-quality wedding videos as Wedding Reels Video. Today, I am thrilled to announce some big changes!

Wedding Reels Video will now be known as Nathan Suher, Filmmaker, with a new website: and Facebook page. The old site will be active for some time to allow a smooth transition. Besides the new name, here are a few ways I’m changing to better serve my valued clients:

New website: The new website has been beautifully designed and updated by a real dream team of professionals! I am grateful to Aileen McDonough of 3am Writers, Erin Sweeney of Erin Sweeney Design, and Jon Guinn of NetNoticed  for making it a work of art that brides will enjoy browsing. Much of the gorgeous photography on the site was provided by photographer Jen Osojnicki.

Upgrades for even higher quality: We’ve upgraded our equipment and systems for wedding videos of truly superior cinematic quality.

Bigger, better wedding video packages: New wedding packages have been developed to offer even more options to clients. Brides deserve the best, and these packages provide it!

I’ve made these changes to let the world know:  This is not your typical wedding videography—it’s so much more. As a filmmaker, my mission is to tell stories, and a wedding is a beautiful love story. Nathan Suher, Filmmaker creates wedding films that capture the moment at the very beginning of that love story, so it can be relived, enjoyed, shared, and kept as an heirloom for years to come.

I look forward to your feedback on the new website! As always, referrals to friends and family are the highest compliment you can give.

Here’s to a fantastic 2012 wedding season!

Nathan Suher, Filmmaker

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