What would I tell an engaged couple?

Recently, I was asked “What is the most important thing to know about a wedding videographer before we hire?” I had to think about that for a bit, because there were so many things you should find out about a potential videographer, that I couldn’t pick just one – at first. Of course, you would want to see samples of the finished work – do you like the style of the finished films? Was it a quality film? (no shaking, clear sound, interesting footage, appropriate music). But the quality of the filming was actually not the one thing that I ended up choosing to answer that question.

The most important thing about a videographer is his (*) commitment to spending the time and energy to become thoroughly acquainted with the engaged couple and the dynamics around them. He must become familiar with their tastes and styles.

Nathan Suher, Wedding Videographer

So, the long answer to the short question is that I would advise the engaged couple. It may seem like a lot, but I like to spend at least an hour in our initial wedding consults. We talk about preferences.  We look at samples of different types of finished films. We need be clear on the music to be used and any special effects to be used. We will decide on the feel for the finished product, whether it has a vintage feel or a contemporary edge. I feel that the wedding video is not just about filming the events of the day, but also about capturing who the bride and groom truly are. To really get to know the person behind the camera, and to let him really get to know you. Many people can point and shoot a video camera. A professional videographer, the very real person behind the camera, will have spent the time to be attentive, creative and personal with his skills to result in a product that will be a lasting testament to an amazing day.

As a professional videographer, I aim to use my skills to capture a true cinematic look and feel.


( *) or her, but I use his in this piece because I am a him.


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