Christina and Scott’s Wedding Trailer

Amidst the city lights in downtown Northampton, Christina and Scott celebrated the with style.

Christina and Scott are an awesome couple that got married this past fall at the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of St. Luke in East Longmeadow, MA. After their traditional greek ceremony we headed to downtown Northampton where they celebrated at the historic Hotel Northampton. The glowing city lights made a beautiful stage as Christina and Scott walked the streets as pedestrians congratulated them on their marriage. The reception at the hotel was unforgettable as their guests packed the ballroom and partied all night long.

Wedding videography Nathan Suher, Filmmaker
Photographer Schaler Photography
Venue Hotel Northampton
Hair Stylist Visual Changes
Bakery Cerrato’s
DJ Peter Chambers
Florist Durocher Florist

Top! Copyright 2012 Filmmaker Nathan Suher * Photography by Jen Osojnicki * Web Design by Erin Sweeney Design
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